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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

April 14, 2020
how to recover a deleted facebook message

Not that long ago, it was difficult to imagine that instant communication was so important to our society. But it’s no surprise that it is, we are naturally sociable beings and need to be in constant contact with our loved ones at all times.

From letters to telegraph messages and from telephones to computer screens, communication has evolved in ways that we did not even know were possible.

Who would have thought that nowadays, talking about communication has to include social media? It is, without a doubt, one of the main forms of communication. So many of us use them to share text messages, pictures, videos, etc.

However, this also opens a new paradigm. And that is what happens when we have lost a message or we have deleted it.

Facebook is the most popular social network, messages are exchanged on a very regular basis. Therefore, it’s also very common that many messages are either delete or lost a message. We are here to help you recover those messages.

Right now, you may be asking yourself: Can you recover a deleted message on Facebook messenger? Many people believe that deleted messages cannot be recovered. This is false.

In the vast majority of cases, you can recover a deleted Facebook messenger message. Additionally, this can be done from both a phone and a computer.

However, it is important to note that whether deleting that message it was accidental or deliberate because it will determine if you will be able to recover the message successfully.

Here, we will show you some ways in which you can recover your Facebook messenger messages on different devices.

How to Recover Deleted Messenger Messages from Facebook

Of course, the first thing should be to try to retrieve the Facebook messages on Facebook itself. You should always go to the source of the problem first. So, just stay calm and open up our profile.

One thing to keep in mind is that we must understand what the big difference is between deleting and archiving. Maybe, we have not lost the message but simply added it to our Facebook archive.

The messages that are easiest to recover are the archived ones. These are messages that we hide from our folder and that we can access whenever we think it is necessary to do so.

In order to do this, we must access our inbox and search the archived messages section as indicated by the image below.

By doing this, we will be able to access messages that have disappeared from our main folder for some reason. Now, messages considered as “deleted” disappear completely from both the inbox and the file folder. This is where we need to look at different options to recover the deleted messages.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages using your Gmail

When you cannot recover the messages from Facebook itself, we enter a crossroads. However, it is not entirely impossible to recover those messages. We can make use of our Gmail to recover our FB messages.

First of all, if you do not have a Gmail account, you should consider opening an email account with Google.

For this step, you’ll need to have determined in advance that all conversations are being redirected to your Gmail email or any other inbox. We can say that this would be like a notification that, in turn, serves as a backup.

As shown in the image, we will find the configuration section of our Facebook and then go to the Notifications section (as shown in the image below).

Here we will place a space where you indicate the email with which we are working. We will have to enter and configure the different parameters.

By now, we will have managed to create a backup of all our messages successfully and in the future, we will serve constantly receive messages that we can store with a label since it is always a good idea to store backups of all our private conversations that we consider important.

How to Download a Copy of Deleted Messages from Facebook

If you didn’t create the Facebook settings beforehand, you’ll be glad to know that it is possible to generate a downloadable copy of deleted from Facebook.

First of all, you have to enter the settings and then click on the General button. As the image above indicates.

After that, we will click on the “Download Your Information” button, as we have indicated in the example image above.

Look at the picture above. It’s important to uncheck all the boxes. You would only check all the boxes if you want to download a general compendium of all the information that you have uploaded to your personal Facebook account. In this case we are only looking for deleted messages.

We then select only the Messages section.

When you click on “Create File”, you will be sending an email to your Gmail inbox or any other email box with which we have opened our Facebook. This is the importance of having a working email linked to your Facebook.

You will receive an email with a “Download your information” link which will send you back to your Facebook profile.

When you enter that link, a window will pop up where you will enter your Facebook password.

Once you have done the above privacy steps, you will see that the data starts a download on our computer. This will download a WINRAR file.

By unzipping we will have successfully accessed all our messages and will be able to review them on our computer.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Android

Let’s imagine that we haven’t been able to access our deleted messages either from Facebook or Gmail. We’ll have to move on to our next option and to do so we’ll use an app called ES FILE EXPLORER.

The steps are simple and concise. To get this app, simply click here and download it directly onto your Android. This is because the app is no longer available on Google’s PlayStore.

Once you install the app, you can access all of the files of your mobile phone. With this app, you can go to the DATA storage and then access the com.facebook.orca folder. It is important here to enter the Cache.

Within the cache, we will enter Fb_temp, where the storage of all the Facebook Messenger backup should be found. Remember that Facebook messages on mobile phones are seen through the Facebook Messenger app, which is connected to Facebook.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages with Windows and Mac

The way of recovering deleted Facebook messages is essentially the same as using EXSFILE EXPLORER except that here we must use our Android as well as our Windows or Mac computer to access the deleted messages.

First, we will need to access our mobile phone via its USB cable. Here we will access our internal storage or our external memory, depending on what we find.

We will have to find our DATA folder and then enter the com.facebook.orca where we will enter the cache. It should be here where we find the file fb_temp and mission accomplished. We would have located our files. It’s quite simple when you follow these steps!

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook with iPhone, iPad, or iTouch

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, the message retrieval process is different and should be done via USB with the computer you have at hand. Here we will use dr.fone software that will help us to recover the messages we have lost.

dr.fone-data recovery -iOS

Once we run dr.fone we must connect our mobile via USB and then select the Data Recovery mode by selecting Recovery from iOS Device.

We must then press the button “START EXPLORATION”, this will start the scan of our mobile. The result of the analysis should generate all lost data on your iOS device.

Once the scanning process is complete, which, by the way, will take a brief moment, you will be able to view the categories of the retrieved items. This will also serve us as a resource to recover all the data that we may have lost in addition to the messages.

Finally, as the last step, we can recover our Facebook message folder and make a backup on our computer!

dr.fone-data recovery -iOS

Some Important Advice for Recovering Lost Messages

It is extremely important that you always make regular backups of your data. There are many ways to back up our files, as we have demonstrated in this article with Facebook messages. If you are dealing with sensitive information, it is better to have an online backup in a cloud because they are extremely safe and secure.